Special Guest appearance by Farrah Fawcett

Kris is tricked into meeting potential clients at a Mexican restaurant on her own, and she arrives she is taken hostage by gunpoint.  Bosley arrives and tries to rescue her but the kidnappers shoot his tyres so he can't follow them.  A witness sees the name Georgian Acres on the side of the getaway car.  A ransom note is received from the kidnappers, who think they have captured Jill Munroe.  Charlie calls Jill and she arrives from Montreal to assist in the investigation.

They all head to Georgian Acres, a resort in the Malibu Mountains, and check in as guests.  Kris is being held hostage by a Mr Anton Carazna who is using Kris to get to Jill.  Jill was friends with his son, who died in a racing car accident and Carazna blames Jill for his death.  Jill is also captured and taken with Kris to Caraznas private plane, where he intends to kill Kris so Jill can suffer like he did.

Jill has been followed by Kelly and Sabrina so Jill and Kris manage to jump out of the car and run for it whilst the others have a shootout. Carazna manages to take off but crashes into a mountain, whilst the rest of his cronies are captured by the angels.

Season 3